What You Need to Know If Your Business Is Affected by a Freedom of Information Request

The public has a right to request access to records held by Ontario’s public institutions. You might be notified that someone has requested information about your business or organization and you may have an interest in the outcome of that request.  Institutions consider the impact on your business when making a decision about whether to release the information. As a business owner, you have certain rights and may object to or appeal the release of the information. Under access and privacy legislation, there are exemptions to the requirement to disclose information about external businesses or organizations, but this information must meet a three-part test.

Our new fact sheet outlines the three-part test for exemption, what to expect when an institution contacts you about an access request, your options for appeal, and other frequently asked questions. This document is part of a series designed to keep the public and professionals up to date with the IPC’s interpretations of access and privacy laws.






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