What Students Need to Know: High School Teachers’ Guides

Understanding why access to government-held information and the protection of privacy are important public values will prepare students to become active participants in our democratic society. To assist teachers in meeting the Ministry of Education’s curriculum expectations, we created two resource guides that are tailored for grade 10 and grade 11/12 classes. The guides were developed in consultation with teachers and offer step-by-step activities, handouts, quizzes and evaluation criteria on subjects such as open government, online privacy and identify theft.

Teachers can apply the guides to the following courses:

  • Civics, Grade 10, Open,
  • Media Studies, Grade 11, Open,
  • Canadian Politics and Citizenship, Grade 11, Open,
  • Understanding Canadian Law, Grade 11, University/College Preparation, and
  • Canadian and International Law, Grade 12, University Preparation.

For summaries of the guides, see the Grade 10 and Grade 11/12 fact sheets.

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