PHIPA Training Video

Aug 23 2006

PHIPA Training Video

 PHIPA: Real-World Scenarios

This video was developed to help health information custodians understand their rights and obligations under the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA). This video includes four distinct segments that depict real life health care scenarios and how PHIPA would apply.

  • Improper Disclosure – A pharmacist discusses a patient’s personal health information within earshot of other customers.
  • Circle of Care – Two receptionists at a doctor’s office are unsure how to respond to a request for patient information.
  • Security Safeguards – An unattended laptop and BlackBerry containing personal health information are stolen from a doctor’s office.
  • Secondary Disclosure – An emergency medical services organization want to use personal health information for patient satisfaction surveys, fundraising and other purposes.

While these scenarios are meant to serve as a guide, they do not encompass the number of hypothetical scenarios which can apply to PHIPA. If you are unsure about a particular situation or have any questions with regards to PHIPA, please contact us.