New Lesson Plans for Educators: Privacy Rights, Digital Literacy and Online Safety

Today, Canada’s federal, provincial and territorial privacy authorities jointly released a set of lesson plans designed for educators to teach students about privacy rights, digital literacy and online safety. These publications support a resolution by international privacy regulators calling for more privacy education in schools and training opportunities for educators.

Developed by MediaSmarts, a not-for-profit organization that promotes digital and media literacy, these lesson plans will help educators teach students about privacy rights and navigating the digital environment safely.

Navigating the online world safely can be a challenge. Young people need to be able to harness the full potential of online resources while protecting their privacy and themselves. Our schools must make privacy education a priority so that children are informed and empowered at an early age.

Those who learn to control their personal information and protect their online presence will be able to gain the skills and competence to participate effectively in the  online economy and community.

The lesson plans released today come in three modules:

  1. Getting the Toothpaste Back into the Tube: A Lesson on Online Information
  2. Know the Deal: The Value of Privacy
  3. Privacy Rights of Children and Teens


These modules include privacy principles that every student needs to understand, and lessons on how to:

  • identify what constitutes personal information
  • understand the technical and economic aspects of the digital environment
  • limit disclosure of personal information
  • protect oneself online
  • exercise one’s privacy rights

We encourage educators to download these lesson plans and put them to use so that future generations can participate safely and meaningfully in our increasingly online world. We also encourage teachers to contact us should they have any questions about Ontario’s access and privacy laws.

Developed in collaboration with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada

From the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners

  • Personal Data Protection Competency Framework for School Students

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