IPC partners with federal privacy office to review online educational services

The IPC is pleased to announce our collaboration with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada (OPC) in a joint research effort to evaluate online educational services.

This collaborative effort is part of a larger, annual “Privacy Sweep” (Sweep) initiative being carried out this week by privacy enforcement authorities around the world.

Coordinated by the Global Privacy Enforcement Network (GPEN), which was established to foster cross-border co-operation among privacy authorities, the theme of this year’s annual Sweep is, User Controls Over Personal Information.

Educators across Ontario are using online educational services for student learning, communication and evaluation. While these services may be innovative, accessible and available at little or no cost, their use could put the privacy of students and their families at risk. Teachers must consider privacy before using online services.

As part of the Sweep, the IPC and the OPC will be evaluating a number of online educational services to determine what personal information is collected, how it is used and disclosed, and whether users can exercise effective control over their personal information.

The results of our evaluation will form part of a larger GPEN Sweep report expected to be released this fall.

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