Your Health Information and Your Privacy posters and brochures

broch-poster_1As the oversight body for the Personal Health Information Protection Act, the IPC has developed a number of tools to help health information custodians carry out their responsibilities under the Act.

One of the tools health information custodians have repeatedly asked for are short, easy-to-understand notices to the public about the Act.

In conjunction with the Ontario Bar Association (Privacy and Health Law sections), the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care and the Ontario Dental Association, the IPC has developed short notices to inform the public about the information practices of health care custodians. These short notices can be used by health care providers (In Our Office), hospitals (In Our Hospital), and long term-care facilities (In Our Facility).

There are colourful posters that can be hung on office walls, as well as easy-to-read brochures that explain information practices in greater detail. To download these materials, please see the list below. Please note these documents are available in PDF format only.

The IPC will provide health care providers, hospitals, and long-term care facilities with an additional supply of printed posters and brochures free of cost. To order the posters and/or brochures, please contact us by telephone at 416-326-3333 or email at


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