Date: June 6, 2017

June 6:

Commissioner Brian Beamish will be delivering a keynote at the 2017 Ontario Connections Conference on the latest access and privacy developments in Ontario.

Assistant Commissioner, Sherry Liang, will be presenting, Recent Significant Orders of the IPC, and Assistant Commissioner, David Goodis, will be presenting, Privacy Law Update.

June 7:

Policy Analyst, Fred Carter, will be participating on the panel session, The People Part of Organizational Information Security.

Manager of Adjudication, Frank DeVries, Manager of Mediation, Shaun Sanderson, and Registrar, Suzanne Brocklehurst, will be presenting on, Navigating the Appeal and Privacy Complaint Processes at the IPC.

Assistant Commissioner, David Goodis, and Policy Analyst, David Weinkauf, will present on, The IPC’s Big Data Guidelines: Privacy, Fairness and Ethics.

For more information, visit Ontario Connections.

Location: Old MIll Inn 21 Old Mill Road Etobicoke, ON M8X 1G5