Mediation Resolutions

A media outlet was denied access to records about violence in Ontario’s schools by ten school boards. The mediator worked with the parties to reduce and clarify the scope of the request, facilitate collaboration among the parties, and explain to the school boards the best practices for disclosing data in a way that protects individual privacy. Seven of the ten cases were resolved, and the remaining will close once the requester receives additional information promised by the boards. The requester confirmed they were satisfied with the results of mediation and would not be pursuing any of these appeals.

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A requester asked a police service for a large volume of records. The police denied the request, claiming it was frivolous and vexatious. Through mediation, the requester narrowed the issues to specific items within a particular time frame. The police agreed to drop the frivolous and vexatious claim and proceed with issuing a decision to the requester, based on the narrowed issues.

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A police service received a request for details about 911 calls made on particular dates. The police advised they could not provide access because searching through multiple audio files would cause an undue burden on them. Through mediation, the requester agreed to revise her request to allow for a search through the database of emergency event logs, instead of the audio files. Following further mediation of the fees and clarification of the request, the police processed the request and issued a final decision, providing full access.

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